Top of tray
Back of tray
Close-up of top showing juice grove
Side view showing finger pockets and juice groove
Maple Charcuterie Board

Maple Charcuterie Board

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Live-edge, large, Japanese maple charcuterie board with juice grove

  • Tray measures about 16” in diameter and is ¾” thick.
  • A juice groove surrounds the whole tray (see photos).
  • Under the edge of each protrusion a finger pocket is carved out (see photos) so that it is easy to pick up the board from any angle. 
  • All natural stress cracks/checks or holes from insects or soft bark inclusions have been cleaned out and filled with black epoxy resin to improve stability and to prevent food particles from lodging there.
  • Finished with 3 coats of in-the-wood, food-safe polymerised tung oil and is silky smooth. 
  • The wood came from a downed Japanese maple tree in Newton, MA.
Follow these care instructions