Unusual board where a root formed a loop which we used as a handle.  
 Spring-action salad tongs that fold back on themselves for easy storage.  
Ready for guests! Some of our most recent charcuterie trays loaded and ready for the evening.
Charcuterie board from apple wood.
Wall clock carved from a yew root ball.
Cherry wood charcuterie board with integral "loop" handle.
Long walnut charcuterie board showing the finger pocket that we fashion on the flat ends of our boards; a big help for picking them up with two hands.

Yew wood board from a branch point in the log.

Detailed view showing how handles are formed from a branch and is integral to the board. 
Small live-edge vase from a yew root ball.
Decorative box out of yew wood.
Unusual oak charcuterie board showing the cross sections of three branches in the tray and integral handles on both ends.
Yew hollow vessel with threaded cap that could be used as an decorative cremation urn.