Care Instructions

To Clean

Simply sponge with warm soapy water (use ordinary, mild dish soap), rinse with water, wipe dry and let the tray lean on its side in open air to fully dry. Then store in your usual manner for other serving items.

Do Not

Please, do not let the board soak in water or put it through the dishwasherEven though the 3 coats of polymerized tung oil finish has pretty much water proofed them, the finish will gradually wear with use and may become permeable to water. The tray is wood and will eventually soak up water in these situations and possibly warp and/or split. Don’t even think of microwaving your tray.

To Recondition

You may want to recondition the trays if they start to look scruffy from much use. To regain the natural beauty you should:

      1. After a good cleaning let the serving tray dry in open air for several days;
      2. Sand down the surfaces with 0000 steel wool or a white 3M Scotch-Brite abrasive pad (both from the hardware store) until any scratches are removed and the non-bark surfaces are smooth again;
      3. Vacuum off the sanding dust;
      4. Liberally apply the polymerized tung oil reconditioning solution (available from us) with a paper towel, cloth or brush to all surfaces (including any bark) going over again any areas that look dry (i.e., not shiny, drab) from having rapidly absorbed the tung oil;
      5. After about 15 min. strongly wipe the tray down with a rag (such as an old T-shirt or terry cloth towel) to remove any unabsorbed reconditioning solution;
      6. Let the finish cure for 24 hours before using the tray again.

    I would gladly recondition your serving tray at any time for a small service fee; just get in touch with me.


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