Overview of board
Overview of board
View of live-edge with bark on handle end
View of live-edge with bark on handle end
Finger pocket
Finger pocket on handle end
Back of board

Yew Charcuterie Board

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Large, live-edge, yew charcuterie board with a unique integral handle

  • Tray measures 22" long x 3¾" to 4½" wide x ⅞" thick x 3¾" high at the handle.
  • Handle was formed from and follows the angle of a branch as it grew off the trunk; it makes a gentle upward curve that gives the tray an artful touch and it helps pick up and pass the tray.
  • In addition to the handle, each end of the board has a finger pocket carved out of the bottom (see photos) to make it easy to pick up the tray from a flat surface. 
  • The bark is fully retained and firmly attached on both sides of this board; any small crevices in the bark are filled and sealed with black epoxy resin.
  • Any natural stress cracks/checks or holes from insects or soft bark inclusions have been cleaned out and filled with black epoxy resin to improve stability and to prevent food particles from lodging there.
  • The board is finished with 3 coats of in-the-wood, food-safe polymerized tung oil and is silky smooth.
  • The wood comes from a yew tree reclaimed from a local construction site in the Needham, MA, area.


Follow these care instructions