Walnut Salad Tongs
Walnut Salad Tongs
Walnut Salad Tongs

Walnut Salad Tongs

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Spring-Action Flip-foldable Serving Tongs in Walnut Wood

  • Connected by a hinge, the spring-action keeps the fork and spoon separated but easily closed with one hand, allowing for one-handed, easy use.
  • As seen in the photo, the tongs are flip-foldable for easy flat storage.
  • Handcrafted fork and spoon combo is 12" long and 2-3" wide at the business end.
  • The pieces are hinged together with a copper rivet (see photo above). We use rose head copper boat nails and conical copper roves (washers) that will not rust or loosen. (Riveting is a matter of through nailing two pieces of wood, slipping a washer over the pointed end of the nail, pushing it down the shank against the wood and then nipping off the excess nail leaving just enough excess to peen over the washer to lock it tight.)
  • The display photo is for only one set of tongs; each set of this wood has a slightly different grain pattern and coloration. 


Follow these care instructions